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Rose Catherine Khan

About The Author

Rose Catherine Khan is an author and illustrator from upstate New York.  A creative for over a decade, Rose's work has been published by such companies as Ravensburger Games, Pacific Trading Co, Buffalo Games, Cra-Z-Art,, Unicorn Studios, and many more.  When not writing and illustrating, she teaches at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Creator FAQ 

➜ The Sequel

➜ Writing/Editing

➜ The Art

➜ More about the Author

➜ Random Questions about the Story

➜ Future Plans

What age is Centernia intended for?

We added a parental guide to answer this question. Click here to read it.

The Sequel

I just finished Return to the Castle, when is the sequel coming out?



When is the sequel set?

The sequel begins approximately a year and a half after the close of Return to the Castle, in the summer before Jessi's senior year of high school.

Will there be a third book?

Yes! I'm writing it right now! And the fourth!!!

What is the setting timeline of the next books?

Books three and four will take the reader through Jessi's graduation and the months that follow. Yes, she will graduate from high school.  



How do you write?


Music is an absolute critical part of my writing process. I create playlists that inspire certain scenes or characters. When I'm at the gym or out running, I usually put together a scene. I have a strong sense of the dialog and pacing and will often listen to the same song on repeat to rehearse the scene in my head (and this is why my husband has banished me to headphones...). After I have a solid understanding of the chapter, I type it up. I usually write dialog first, then flesh out the details in the revisions. I love writing unique locations and descriptions, but without the conflict, a chapter falls flat.


How do you world build?

World-building in Centernia has been a life-long endeavor. I often akin it to the background process of a computer. I always have a Centernia thread running, observing the world and trying to make pieces fit into the Centernia puzzle. Anything can trigger it. I could be washing my hands at the sink and suddenly understand the clandestine relationship between two characters. Sometimes the influence is more direct. My experiences learning how to canter translated into Jessica's trouble learning how to ride a bicorn.  The personalities of the bicorns are drawn from the defiance of my cats.

Do you have an agent or editor?

Yes, in addition to a half dozen beta-readers, my books were edited by professional copyeditors. This website however, is not, so don't be too hard on me.

I am open to agents or larger publishers to expand Centernia's reach.

The Art

What happened to the webcomic?


Centernia, the novel, was created before Centernia, the webcomic. The decision was made to take the comic offline as it had become a bit dated and it did not adhere to the plot of the book.  

Do you draw all of the Centernia artwork?

Yes, I've drawn all of the artwork on and related promo materials.


How did you learn to draw?

I've been drawing my entire life.  I went to college for illustration.  Most of my work is a hybrid between traditional and digital, each work starting as a pencil sketch, and finishing with digital paint.  You can check out my full portfolio of fantasy work at

The story is a lot darker than the cover implies, will you create a new version?

Yes! The sequel is my primary focus at the moment, but new covers are planned. I'm also involved in partnerships with other artists to create limited edition alternative covers.

Are you okay with fanart and fanfics?

Yes! Send me links!

More About Rose

Where did you get the idea for Centernia?


This is always a difficult question for me to answer, because the truth isn't really a happy story. Centernia has been in production for a very, very long time. Inspiration has come from many veins, some conscious, some not.


After many years of writing short stories and fanfics, I started writing Centernia in 1997. The acknowledgments page in Return to the Castle recounts my experience watching Beauty and the Beast on Broadway. Inspired by the city, I dreamed up a story of a girl who rescues a cat who turns out to be a prince.


Though this was the moment I started writing, it wasn't the emotional inspiration. That was a much sadder experience. My godmother died earlier that year, and in an Italian family, a godmother is a big deal. The sad truth is, I didn't even know I had a godmother. Her death revealed an entire branch of my family tree previously obscured. My childhood memories of strangers suddenly had context, and I was sad for losing people I didn't know were missing from my life. I was eleven years old, and the only way I could deal with something so frustrating was through ink on paper.


Jessi was lucky, she reconnected with her lost family. I never did.


Who is the Muse you talk about in your dedication?


Muse was a cat, whose name was actually Muse. He was an excellent listener who I was amazingly not allergic to. Muse's kidneys started failing as I was in the midst of the working with my editor for Return to the Castle. The diagnosis was FIP, a really nasty virus with no cure. He died the day the first proof of Return to the Castle was printed.

Do you visit schools, libraries or participate in panel discussions at conventions?


Yes!  In my little portfolio of experience, I happen to have a masters degree in education.  As any of my former students will tell you, if you give me an audience, I'm happy to speak, share knowledge, and tell ridiculous stories.



I always see art updates on your networks, but no writing.  Can you please just focus on the sequel?


I try to spend several hours every a day writing.  Despite the fact it is my way to de-stress, burn out is a real possibility.  Art is really important to my process and helps me build creative connections.  Also, art pays the bills.

Random Questions about the Story

*** If you haven't finished Return to the Castle Spoilers Ahead***

 What is the age difference between Jessi and Nico?

A little over four years.  At the onset of Return to the Castle, she is fourteen and he is almost nineteen, some readers have pointed that out to be a little bit...questionable. The age difference is deliberate.  I wanted to be able to explore Jessi's high school years throughout the books, so she needed to start young enough.  Nico needed to have a much more vivid memory of the events of the past, so his age had to reflect why Jessi barely remembers him.  I will stress that their relationship in Return to the Castle is not physical.  Likewise, Teren respects the laws of earth and does not sleep with Lee.

Is Jared gay?

There is no social stigma in Centernia in regards to sexual preference.  As a result, most people are regarded as bisexual with their own personal preferences along the spectrum.  

Who are the Sarkisians?

Well, that is an interesting question...

Was Malachi a Sinari?  If not, how did he influence the castle?

Malachi was not a mage.  Despite the fact our narrators were wary of him, he was well liked by many.  He was a very theatrical man who enjoyed parties.  His association with the Auroriates gained him favor with worshipers of the goddess.

How do  you pronounce x?

I wrote a blog post on pronunciation.  We're working on an audio guide to character names as well.

Appearance Schedule

Anime Boston 2020

Broome Con 2020
Fan Expo Boston 2020

Previous Conventions

Another Anime Con, Manchester, NH

Youmacon, Detroit, MI

New York Comic Con, New York,  NY

Anime Boston, Boston, MA

Flower City Comic Con, Rochester, NY

Tora Con, Rochester, NY

Roc Con, Rochester, NY

UB Con, Buffalo, NY

Mini Con, Buffalo, NY

Ryu-Con, Niagara Falls, NY

Cosplay Snow Fest, Rochester, NY

Genericon, Troy, NY

Salt City Comic Con

Sci-Fi in the Valley Con, Altoona, PA

Wizarding Weekend Ithaca, NY

Fan Expo Boston, Boston, MA

More questions?  Feel free to ask!

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