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 If these portraits are counter to your vision of the characters, that's okay, continue seeing them as you wish.  Draw them as you wish.  More cat-like, less cat-like, more anime, less anime, whatever your cup of tea. These were created to fulfill the request for some visual reference to exist.  They are one version, but they are not the ultimate incarnation.

IMG_3339 copy.JPG

Artemisa Wynter

Misa is determined to destroy the forcefield that surrounds Castle Aurumice and bring the castlefolk back home. She is a talented mage, able to lull people to sleep and influence their dreams.

IMG_3353 copy.JPG

Felicia Lee Jones

High school freshman, bassist and lover of eccentric fashion. Lee is Jessica's best friend.

IMG_3336 copy.JPG

Corwin Evansi

A past-reader mage, Corwin can view glimpses of the people who have interacted with an object.  He is married to Kaity and gets pulled into the conflicts of Aurumice.

IMG_3345 copy.JPG

Stephen Ravenwolfe

Jessica's father and Lily's ex-husband, Stephen tries to be a supportive father, though he finds it difficult. He has a very strained relationship with his ex-wife.

IMG_3350 copy.JPG


Son of Eve La'Roch, Aden was born on the streets of Rockwood. Even though he's castlefolk, he's never known Aurumice.

IMG_3347 copy.JPG


An elderly matriarch of the casltefolk, Alba runs a tavern in Rockwood and tries to keep the castlefolk united in their exile.

IMG_3334 copy.JPG


Former head chef of Aurumice, Gethseban lives in exile in Rockwood.

IMG_3348 copy.JPG


Little is spoken of Nico's father Malachi.  He was either loved or hated in the old days of the castle.

IMG_3341 copy.JPG

Nicoveren Verdian

Reluctant owner of Castle Aurumice, Nico bears a heavy tax debt to the City of Trabalis.  He must either find a way to pay the fines or be imprisoned in the Mines of Briken.

IMG_3357 copy.JPG

Wadjette La'Roch

Cast into the streets of Trabalis, Wadjette aspires one day to return to Castle Aurumice and lead the guard in her father's place.

IMG_3337 copy.JPG

Jared Evansi

Nephew of Corwin, Jared is a sight-mage, granting him the ability to see through the eyes of others. He uses his abilities with both noble and sometimes mischievous intent.

IMG_3346 copy.JPG

Carrie Anne Ravenwolfe

Jessica's step-mother, Carrie Anne tries to be kind and helpful.

IMG_3349 copy.JPG


Twin of Aden, Abrianna is always by her brothers side. She adores Misa, Wadjette and Penrik.

IMG_3342 copy.JPG


Leader of the Holy Circus, Amberynn leads her elaborate troupe of performers across the continent, preaching the word of the godess Aurora.

IMG_3344 copy.JPG

Saurin Bane

Mage of Polaris and founder of the Shadow Runners, a surveillance network that serves Castle Nova.

IMG_3352 copy.JPG

Beatrix Vance

Teren's mother and Lily's sister, Beatrix was a mage gifted with the ability to speak to animals.

IMG_3361 copy.JPG

Teren Wynter

Misa's younger brother, Teren is a sinari, a cursed one.  Teren has the ability to influence the emotions of others without their knowledge.  

IMG_3356 copy.JPG


Adopted by castlefolk living in Rockwood, Penrik is Wadjette's closest friend.

IMG_3362 copy.JPG


Originally from the Galbrian sea, Savina came to live in Aurumice as a child when her parents vanished on a mission for Aurumice. She is Teren's lover and loyal confidante.

IMG_3354 copy.JPG

Ashlin Ravenwolfe

Jessica's younger half-sister, Ashlin has an insatiable curiosity and a love of sci-fi and fantasy.

IMG_3355 copy.JPG


The former glazier of Aurumice, Jiberty lives on the streets of Rockwood with the exiled castlefolk.

IMG_3343 copy.JPG


Acolyte of the Holy Circus

IMG_3332 copy.JPG


Classmate of Jessica and Felicia Lee, Brian is a constant thorn in their side.

IMG_3351 copy.JPG

Justen Wynter

Teren's father, Justen was an ethereal barrier mage in the old days of the castle.

IMG_3340 copy.JPG

Jessica Ravenwolfe

A freshman from Pennsylvania, Jessi is stuck in a tug-of-war between her parents. Everything changes when Misa appears in her house.

IMG_3359 copy.JPG

Kaity Cosette

Daughter of the shepherds of Aurumice, Kaity Cosette was discovered as a kinetic mage shortly after the castle fell under the forcefield.  She sought refuge in Polaris, the mage academy.

IMG_3360 copy.JPG

Lily Vance

Jessica's mother, Lily struggles to maintain the financial security to keep her home, a run-down suburban cape that contains the portal to Centernia.


IMG_3358 copy.JPG

Eve La'Roch

Exiled member of the castlefolk, Eve struggles to raise her twin children and niece on the streets of Rockwood.

IMG_3363 copy.JPG

Otto Onyxgrove

One of the few Caprasians who once dwelled in Aurumice, Otto serves as the castle physician.

IMG_3338 copy.JPG

Iris Isis Jade

Acolyte of the Holy Circus

IMG_3335 copy.JPG

Elina Verdian

Nico's mother, Elina was a psychic mage and one of the last members of the Verdian family.

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