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The mango smoothie conversation, where Ashlin obliviously criticizes a visitor from another dimension.  I hope to work in this style a little bit more, as I try to figure out a way to quickly generate complete scenes from the novel series, and ideally, outside.  Ultimately telling more about Centernia without the lag time of waiting for another complete novel.

The Mall

Fall 2019
Poll Theme: Halloween

This painting remains in draft mode as I complete several other elaborate images.  The arrival of the Auroriate Circus was one of the most indulgent scenes to write and I look forward to bringing it to life.

Auroriate Circus

Winter 2019
Poll Theme: Epic Landscape


It's been years since I've drawn Justen.  His character design is similar to Nico's, human but just different enough to never walk the streets of earth.  Of all the couples of Centernia, Misa and Teren's parents have always been one of the most revered.  There is a purity and eternal nature to their love.

Beatrix & Justen

Summer 2019
Poll Theme: Couple of the Past


Savina has been a part of Centernia since the first draft in the late 1990s. She's always been a spitfire from the Galbrian Sea.  Her loyalty is as fierce as her ability to annoy Jessica.  She may be one of my favorite characters despite her minor roles in the books.  


Spring 2019
Poll Theme: Character Art

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