Future Plans

Centernia is a long-term project and a slowly building universe.  Here are our goals, both achieved and future, listed in no particular order.

  • Publish Return to the Castle

  • Sell at conventions

  • Write the Sequel

  • Re-launch Centernia.com

  • Create Centernia art prints for sale at shows

  • Edit the Sequel

  • Publish the Sequel

  • Sell 1,000 copies of Return to the Castle

  • Online pronounciation guide with audio

  • Open the Centernia.com merch shop

  • Write The Dreamspinner's Journey, sharing Misa's backstory

  • Open online forums

  • Create a Centernia Art Book and hire additional illustrators 

  • Add short stories to the website

  • Write the third book

  • Create a short Centernia comic

  • Produce an audio book

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