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Signed Centernia: Mark of the Castle plus a hand drawn sketch

Signed Centernia: Mark of the Castle plus a hand drawn sketch


Order your copy direct from the author!  Rose will sign your book and include a unique sketch inside the cover.  This hand-drawn illustration will feature a creature of Centernia.  Will it be a bicorn? A featherwing? A burch?  Each sketch will be individually created and offered in limited quantity.  Free shipping.  Books will be mailed out after October 28th, but due to the custom nature of this product we cannot guarantee an exact date.






Continue the Centernia journey with the sequel to Return to the Castle.


Reunited with her long-lost kin in Castle Aurumice, Jessica Ravenwolfe struggles to find balance. She spends her days struggling through the tribulations of high school in Autumn Valley, Pennsylvania and her nights in the wild realm of the cat-like ailurians. With the knowledge of earth at her fingertips, Jessi has been tasked with repairing the castle’s wiring, a frayed, patchwork system from the bygone days before electricity was forbidden.

Jessi has taken over this task from the fire mage who had kept the lights on before, Nicoveren Aristo Verdian. But Nico has been jailed by the Trabalis government for his family’s debts, and he is now suffering in the torturous Mines of Briken, his powers mysteriously gone. As Nico’s friends struggle to pay his debt, an unexpected savior buys his freedom. Hope turns to horror as he finds himself trapped in an even worse fate.



530 pages


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