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Now in production!
The full Centernia audiobook series.

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We’re attempting to produce a full Centernia audiobook trilogy, and you can help make that happen!

Story time.

Back in 2014, I seized the opportunity to showcase my work at New York Comic Con. Taking a stumbling leap, I transformed the Centernia webcomic into Return to the Castle, a young adult novel. The response was overwhelming, with a complete sell-out over that first weekend.

My life had ups and downs, (two kids and a brain tumor), but the journey continued with the creation of the second novel, Mark of the Castle, and the subsequent release of the third installment, Whispers in the Azure in 2022. Sci-Fi and Fantasy veteran Keith R.A. DeCandido took over editing, giving the series a new level of polish.

As my career as an illustrator blossomed over the years, so did the Centernia universe. Now, the time has come to transcend the confines of the page.

I am thrilled to announce my partnership with Jamie-Lyn Markos, a seasoned actress with an impressive two-decade-long career spanning live theater, film, commercials, video games, audio dramas, and audiobooks. Renowned for her comedic flair and heartfelt performances, Jamie-Lyn has graced audiences as a performer for the Walt Disney Company, transporting them to the golden era of Hollywood and a galaxy far, far away through the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Experience.

and it’s on
Audible and many other audiobook retailers.

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