Welcome to the dark world of Centernia, home of Castle Aurumice 

 The popular webcomic has been adapted into a YA fantasy novel. Centernia will be released in print in late September 2014, and is currently available for download on Kindle.

Book Synopsis:

Jessica Diane Ravenwolfe is a high school nobody and mediocre violinist. She lives her life feeling trapped by her angry mother, having little hope of ever affording an escape to college. Jessica’s luck changes when her starry-eyed, drug-addicted cousin Misa arrives unannounced. The strange cat-like girl throws her cousin into a cinderblock wall, plunging Jessica through a portal and into the wild and beautiful land of Centernia. High school is the last of Jessica’s concerns when standing in the shadow of the great Castle Aurumice, an abandoned palace ensnared under a terror-inducing energy field. Jessica meets the last Lord of Aurumice, Nicoveren Aristo Verdian, an alluring feline fire mage who would rather spend time tinkering with electronics than freeing his castle from the forcefield. The human girl finds her destiny entwined with Nico as the unstable Misa draws them into a mission to destroy the energy field. As Jessica unravels the trauma of the past, she discovers her mother may have been the catalyst who entrapped them all.

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